20/20 Sight ‘N’ Style

20/20 Sight ‘n’ Style are a family run independent Behavioural Optometric Practice which has been providing thorough children and adult eye-care to our community for over 14 years. Optometrists Suzanne and George Sahely each bring 20 years experience in managing the visual needs of children, and are the only optometrists on the Peninsula with post. graduate Fellowships in Behavioural Optometry.

Studies indicate up to 80% of learning takes place through the eyes. It is recommended that children have their first optometric examination at 6 months of age, and then every 2 years thereafter. Our goal is to ensure each individual’s visual system is functioning as efficiently as possible and is not limiting learning or affecting performance in the classroom or sporting field. We pride ourselves on making the eye examination process enjoyable for children and on thoroughly explaining all findings to parents so they may make an informed decision on how best to help their child.

Our Initial Consultation* includes

  • Taking a detailed developmental History
  • Assessment of General Eyesight
  • Assessment of Functional Visual Skills, including focussing, eye coordination and depth perception, to gauge how hard is a child working to maintain clear, single vision.
  • Assessment of Eye Health
  • A thorough Explanation of Findings and any recommended treatment

Where a child is reported to be having learning difficulties we then have a child return for further …

  • Assessment of Visual Cognitive Development, including visual memory, eye tracking, sensory integration and letter reversals, to gauge how the child has learnt to interpret visual information.

Management options include

  • Spectacle Correction to either improve eyesight, reduce eyestrain or improve visual concentration.
  • We display a comprehensive range of frames to ensure you can select the ideal eyewear to suit your child’s vision and personality.
  • Vision Training to maximise visual skills and development
  • Contact lenses for general wear or sport
  • Orthokeratology, where specially designed contact lenses are worn overnight to gently reshape the eye. These lenses are removed in the morning, resulting in clear vision throughout the day without the need to wear glasses
  • Myopia Control, with various techniques now available to slow progression of short sightedness.

No referral is necessary. Please feel free to phone our Practice for an appointment on 5973 5520 to see if we can be of assistance.

*Professional consultation fees apply. Medicare and Hicaps Health Insurance rebates apply.