Girl Guides

The Australian Guide Program is a non-formal education program that engages girls in fun and energetic activities. Each girl develops a range of life skills. Guides learn about themselves as they identify, plan and complete challenges, all while having fun, making friends and enjoying the outdoors.

The Four Elements

Everything that Guides do relate to the following four elements of the Program:

  • Self  Being a Guide is all about challenging yourself
  • People Guides make friends, share, care and understand others
  • Practical Learning skills that will help throughout life
  • Physical Being active, healthy and strong

The Seven Principles

Activities are based on the Fundamentals of Guiding:

1Keeping the Promise and Law is our underlying code of living

2Enjoying the Outdoors offers active adventure and awareness of the environment

3Giving Service encourages a sense of community

4Exploring World Guiding builds peace and understanding

5Sharing in Guiding Traditions give a sense of belonging and history

6Experiencing Leadership Development improves skills for life

7Participating in the Patrol System develops teamwork skills 

Mornington Guides