Hey Dee Ho Music

New Music Classes in Frankston
and the Mornington Peninsula

Rosebud – Tuesdays 10:00am
Mornington – Thursday 10:00am
Frankston – Mondays 10:15am
Langwarrin – Fridays 9:45am

hey dee ho music has been providing an innovative music program for pre-schoolers since 1987. Along with basic music concepts, our programs are designed to develop co-ordination, social interaction, a love of music and much more.

hey dee ho music is an entertainment based music education program where musical concepts of beat rhythm, tempo, pitch and dynamics are explored during every session. Included are a wide range of musical activities and songs ranging from standard nursery rhymes to more contemporary songs such as those from The Wiggles and Hi-5. Each program is set around a theme (e.g. “Old MacDonald” “We’re Going to the Zoo”, “Walking Round the Garden”, etc.) using puppets, props and non-tuned musical instruments. A felt board with picture felts related to the songs used completes the picture to make for a multi-sensory experience.

hey dee ho music is a unique learning experience. Children love music. They love to sing, dance, use puppets, dress up and play instruments but little do they realise how good it is for them!

The program incorporates many of the basic components of childhood development – fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, spatial awareness, imaginative play, listening skills and turn taking (for developing interactive social behaviour). Communication skills are further developed with the inclusion of “Auslan signing” and multi-cultural songs are included to reflect the diverse interests of our community.

Songs at hey dee ho music are made up of traditional children’s songs, favourites from contemporary groups such as Hi 5 and The Wiggles as well as a selection of compositions from Australian composers. hey dee ho music runs sessions for all ages – right from the youngest babies through to pre-school children.


Everyone is born with a complex system of brain circuitry, but how that circuitry is wired is dependant on external forces – ie: nutrition, stimulation, surroundings – in other words, their environment.

The first 4 years of life is the most critical period of the brain’s development, more so than at any other time. This is the time to immerse your child in as many experiences as possible – early experiences contribute significantly to the structure of the brain and its capacities – the effects are life long.

The quality, quantity and consistency of stimulation, such as music, determines how the brain is formed and can even enhance I.Q.

Left brain / Analytical           Right brain / Creative

Music is one of the very few things that activate both sides of the brain.

Studies have also found that children learn in utero, so it just goes to show you’re never too young to learn.

The following table lists the windows of opportunity to maximise development.

Window For Optimal Window Next Best Opportunity Further Rewiring Possible
Emotional Intelligence  0 – 24 Months 2 – 5 Years Any Age
Motor Development  0 – 24 Months 2 – 5 Years Decreases With Age
Vision  0 – 2 Years 2 – 5 Years Any Age
Early Sounds  4 – 8 Years 8 Months – 5 Years Any Age
Music  0 – 36 Months 3 – 10 Years Any Age
Thinking Skills  0 – 48 Months 4 – 10 Years Any Age
Second Language  5 – 10 Years   Any Age

Source: Pam Burton – “Using multiple intelligence to build brain power”

Each term hey dee ho music includes a

special activity that is conducted within our

regular music program

Term 1 Auslan sign language. We teach the children signs for colours, animals and transport. This activity is embraced by all ages. All songs need to have actions so that children can remember them and participate fully. What better option than to teach them actions that actually give them another language!

Term 2 Multicultural languages. This focus is reflective of our diverse community. All children learn to say hello, goodbye and thank you in at least 3 languages. We also learn some new songs in other languages as well as a couple of our favourites in the language of the day. Children who speak another language at home love to be involved in these classes, helping the rest of the children learn some new words.

Term 3 SOL FA – singing books. This process is unique to hey dee ho music. The “sol fa”, “solfeggio” or Kodaly method is a system of teaching singing – each note of the scale is demonstrated using a hand movement which, in turn, relates to associated muscle movement. After learning actions to the sol fa scale: do re mi fa so la ti do, we practise our new skill by singing stories. This process requires children to listen to a particular interval, and then reproduce it with their voices and the sol fa hand actions. This is a wonderful, FUN way to encourage tuneful singing. It improves listening skills and allows children to explore the range of their voice.

Term 4 Spatial awareness. This is a fun term – hula hoops to crawl through, limbo sticks to walk under and over, beanie bears to balance on our head, catch and experiment with as well as rainbow rings and lycra sheets to feel and stretch .The wonderful world of music can be extended to cover all fine and gross motor activities.

The Australian Institute of Music and
Childhood Development Educational Services

hey dee ho music is an exciting, interactive music program designed to stimulate early childhood    development suitable for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

  • Classes also run at child care centres, preschools, playgroups and mothers groups
  • Birthday parties and concerts
  • Large scale concerts at community events
  • Range of products for retail sale

Fun-key Yoga combines music, drama and story telling in a unique physical program aimed at teaching Yoga to preschool and early primary school aged children.

  • Develops body strength
  • Improves posture and co-ordination, balance and gross motor skills
  • Promotes flexibility
  • Creates self awareness and creative expression

The Fiction Factory is a mix of active and passive drama filled activities where everyone is physically involved in the story. Each session includes songs, puppets, props and, of course, stories!

  • Develops confidence and self esteem
  • Nurtures imagination and creative thinking
  • Improves listening, communication, concentration, literacy and aural skills
  • Suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers

hey dee ho Active 8 is a sports skills program designed to encourage children to think, create, construct and solve problems with their bodies.

  • Regular sessions for child care centre and kindergartens
  • 8 key areas include cardio, sports skills, gross motor skills, coordination, balance, creative movement, brain gym exercises and general nutritional education

Sing and Sign – In these classes, Auslan signs are taught in tandem with songs to aid communication and listening skills.

  • Sessions are available for preschoolers and early primary students
  • 6 – 10 week workshops available for preschools and child care centres.
  • Parent child classes, workshops and concerts held quarterly

Fun-key Music Classes are available for primary aged students incorporating singing, drama, dancing and performance skills.

  • Classes available during lunchtime or after school in your child’s school hall
  • Correct vocal technique is taught along with stage performance skills
  • Concerts are held twice a year with opportunities to perform for the local community in events and concerts
  • Try out for The Voice of Frankston and The Mornington Peninsula – open to all ages!

The role of the Australian Institute of Music and Childhood Development

  • Develop and review educational programs for babies, toddlers and children up to the age of 12 years
  • Incorporate all areas of development within these programs — physically, emotionally and intellectually
  • Train, accredit and monitor presenters using these programs
  • Be a leading provider in the early childhood education industry, establishing and maintained best practises

Contact your local Franchisee, Jill McPartlane, for more information

0425 713 430  |  jill.mcpartlane@heydeeho.com