Holistic Education for the Future Generation

I am passionate about empowering children to become the masters of their lives, creating a happy and fulfilling experience in alignment with their passions and values.

As a nanny, kids coach and group facilitator, I help children to develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness, autonomy and self-esteem, while connecting to their sense of empathy and compassion – both for themselves and others. Through my nanny and nanny share services, I nurture and educate your children whilst you work, rest or run essential errands.

Through my kids coaching services, I use mindset coaching techniques to assist your child to build the skills necessary for accessing the power of their mind in creating happiness, confidence and success in their lives.

Whether they have a specific goal they are working towards, or wish to build confidence, self-esteem or resilience, we work together through the Adventures In Wisdom program to build skills and strategies for thriving in life.


  • Nanny services start at $30/hour
  • Share nanny services start at $12/hour for one child
  • Kids coaching sessions begin at $75 for a 50 minute session (one on one)


⇒‘Melissa cared for my son just before he turned 2.  Mel quickly gained our trust with her caring and attentive nature.  Mel is someone with high energy and a great sense of humour and fun.  She is a natural with children and I would highly recommend her services.’ – Ciara Clifford

⇒‘Melissa worked with us for a few months in the year of 2015 as a nanny to our two children aged 4 and 1. During the time with us her responsibilities included managing the children over two days of the week and all activities related to the children i.e. cooking light meals and minor housework.We were thrilled to have her and our children adored her. I most admire the interests she cultivated in the kids to enjoy their food and nature and spent all her time connecting with the children individually. She was able to balance the work and play aspect really well too. We were disappointed when she had to leave and would love to have her back in future.’ – Akshya Naronikar

If you are curious about how my services may be of benefit to you and your children and want some more information, please get in touch.