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Are you and your family struggling to get enough sleep?

Is your baby a catnapper?

Does your toddler fight to stay in bed?

Do you feel alone and scared to ask for help for fear of being judged?

I can help you gain confidence as you understand more about your baby’s biological sleep needs.

With proven scientifically based methods and my 24/7 support, I can help you achieve healthier sleep habits for your baby.

Gentle sleep techniques tailored to suit individual needs. Specialising in children aged between 2 weeks – 5 years.

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Here’s what our clients have to say…

I cannot recommend Nettie enough! She was calm and kind not only with bubs but with me too, (trying to learn). I now feel confident with what I’m doing to help my little girl sleep SO much better. Thank you Nettie we love you xx”

J & G. Cranbourne

Before we engaged Nettie, our son would only ever sleep in his pram or in the car for day sleeps. We had repeatedly tried the cot with zero success. At night he would depend on us to settle him before putting him in his cot, and even then he would only sleep a short amount of time before waking and ending up in our bed – resulting in an extremely unsettled night’s sleep for us all. After this had gone on for months, we hit rock bottom with sleep deprivation – and that’s when by chance my partner found Nettie’s business card in a café. I phoned her immediately and felt instantly that we had found our solution. Nettie then provided a very detailed questionnaire which allowed us to articulate our situation and routine. Nettie’s response very much took these details into account and provided us a lot of tips about other factors which affect sleep, such as nutrition. I was initially quite apprehensive about the home visit, but our two hour session with Nettie provided me with the support and reassurance I needed as a Mum to go through the process of making new habits using a pragmatic method which made me feel like my son was not made to feel abandoned or insecure in any way. Within a few days our son understood that when I put him in his cot, he was meant to go to sleep, and only minimal resettling has been required to this day. It was absolutely life changing for us and we have Nettie to thank! Highly recommend.”

Jaime. Rye

Just when I began to accept that I would never sleep more than an hour at a time, I was referred to Nettie and our world changed for the better. My 3-month-old now sleeps in his own room instead of being permanently attached to me. The freedom to be able to make dinner and clean the house without being stressed over a screaming baby is life changing!”

Shay. Frankston

Where do I even begin to say thank you to the amazing Nettie… When I came to Nettie my nearly 2 year old went backwards in her sleeping patterns. I thought yep this is just what it’s going to be like from now on. Until Nettie came along… after about 2 nights boom… I had my amazing little sleeper back. She sometimes has her testing moments but now with Nettie’s advice I know how to deal and resolve them!

Not only has Nettie been an amazing teacher for sleep, she has also been such a huge support system for me, being a first time mum I felt that I could talk to Nettie about anything and she made me feel like I was doing everything right. I honestly couldn’t have done everything without the help from Nettie and I’m so grateful to her.
If you want someone who is going to love you and your beautiful child like her own… Nettie is your lady.

Thank you so much Nettie.”

Lillie and Annika xo. Bittern

After having two and half years of constant sleep battles with Lincoln, which resulted in a cranky baby and family, we decided to try one last time and called Nettie’s Night Rescue. We had used many different techniques; we even went to sleep school which offered some help but never solved the problem.

Jeanette was amazing, she developed a few different strategies around Lincolns sleep difficulties and we chose which one suited our family best. After a month Lincoln started sleeping 10-11 hours a night! We were so happy that our sleep plan did not involve controlled crying and now we have a happy settled little boy. We would highly recommend Jeanette for future sleep problems with babies and toddlers. Jeanette provided an amazing amount of support which removed any anxiety and stress for all members of our family. Thank you Nettie!”

Amanda and Lincoln. Balnarring

My baby boy has been a serial catnapper since around 8 weeks old only sleeping for a maximum of 40 minutes at a time. He then also began waking every few hours at night when he was 4 months old and we were both struggling with the lack of quality sleep. Thank goodness for Jeanette and her knowledge and advice!

She helped me to understand my baby’s sleep needs and assisted me with developing a routine that has helped my baby to extend his naps to at least one long nap a day and he is also back to sleeping great at night!”

Kayla. Balnarring

Our daughter Everly had sleep apnoea and Nettie helped us through a very tough period. Her help in getting us through with thoughtful planning was second to none. If you need help with your child she is definitely the right person to contact.”

Brad. Crib Point

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