Peninsula Grammar

Peninsula Grammar has four Key Learning Areas that have been developed in response to the learning stages each child transitions through:

Discovering Me:

Kindergarten to Year 4 is a time for nurturing and stimulating a child’s natural curiosity through hands-on programs involving learning and investigation. It’s about discovery through creativity and developing the core academic priorities of Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry with a spirit of collaboration, mutual support and ‘having a go’.

Becoming Me:

Years 5 to 8 is a time when students experience a period of significant physical, emotional and social change; it’s a time of uncertainty for both boys and girls. The Becoming Me program engages students through a rigorous and holistic curriculum including a strong focus on positive psychology to support them during this often difficult time. It allows the students to explore who they are and empowers them to take ownership of their emotions, their learning and their future.

Challenging Me:

Deep levels of enquiry and individual learning projects form the foundation of the Year 9 program where students are challenged academically, physically and emotionally. The classroom extends beyond the school gates in Year 9 encouraging students to persevere, to find their purpose through outdoor education and camp, city learning, community engagement and exploration of career pathways. These experiences are designed to prepare students for the Senior Years program.

Inspiring Me:

Higher-order problem solving, advanced thinking, resourcefulness and self-determination underpin the program for the senior students of Years 10 to 12. It’s a time to inspire our students; to prepare them for life beyond the school gates; to build confidence in knowing how to navigate the world around them, to respect others and their opportunities and to be resilient in the face of life’s challenges.

Our dedicated and talented teaching and support staff are justifiably proud of all that Peninsula has to offer and our parents agree. Our students are well-rounded, considerate and community-minded young people who genuinely enjoy coming to school every day.

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