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Born and raised in Tasmania, Adam first encountered Chiropractic after seeking treatment for a football injury. “I played a lot of football growing up. And I experienced nagging injuries that I could not get relief from,” Adam said. “I had always thought that I wanted to go into health care as a career, and I guess it was my early experience with Chiropractic that cemented my conviction that it helps our bodies to heal themselves.

“I will never forget the first time I heard the concept that the power that created your body can also heal it. It made such perfect sense to me. And when I experienced the benefits of Chiropractic treatment myself, I knew that was what I wanted to do,” he said.

After completing his Chiropractic training at RMIT in Melbourne, Adam went back to Tasmania to practice. He then completed a three year Graduate Certificate in Neo Natal and Infant Paediatric Manual Therapy and a two year Graduate Diploma in Chiropractic Paediatrics.

While Adam treats patients of all ages, checking newborns and very young children has become an area of great interest. “I felt that I really needed to build on my practical experience in this area with formal study. So I completed three years of post-graduate training in Paediatric Chiropractic and Manual Therapy.”

“What most people don’t realise it that the birth process itself is exceptionally stressful and intense for babies,” Adam said. “We naturally tend to focus on the impact of giving birth on the mother, but don’t recognise the pressure a baby’s body is put through during labour and birth, even if it is an uncomplicated one,” he said. “A baby’s neck and shoulders are especially vulnerable, and for many babies, the reality is that they can be jammed into one position with the entire force of their mother’s contractions bearing down on them for hours.”

“Initially, I gather a lot of information from parents about their child; everything from feeding patterns and habits to sleeping, gut function and bowel function. Babies bodies are so tiny and I perform neurological bio-mechanical testing that is on par with the type of testing a Paediatrician does to isolate the area the problem is coming from, so that I can treat it correctly,” he said. “Often times, I work in conjunction with the child’s Paediatrician or other health care professional to treat a particular problem,” Adam said.

“The best thing about looking after children is that they heal very quickly and naturally, usually because they have not had the problems for as long as adults have. I tend to find that most of my new patients are referred by existing patients, which is extremely gratifying. When a baby is not sleeping or feeding well, parents are placed under an even higher level of stress, which quickly takes the joy away from parenting a new baby,” said Adam.

“Aside from treating babies and very young children, I also look after lots of basketball and footy kids,” said Adam. “Which is great, because having been there myself, I understand the types of strains their bodies are under when they play high intensity sports like these.”

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