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Impressionable Kids framed baby hand and feet sculptures are a truly magical way of capturing how cute and tiny your child’s little hands and feet once were!

We capture the detail of each and every wrinkle on their hands and feet, the shape of their little fingernails, a three dimensional replica of their hands and feet. Our casting material is of the highest quality which ensures the best outcome of your child’s sculptures.

Impressionable Kids pride ourselves in offering not only the best quality products but great service. We are extremely proud to offer the largest range of products and options to our customers, each of our frames are custom hand made here in Australia.

At Impressionable Kids we believe our framed baby hand and feet sculptures are your special piece of artwork for you to display proudly in your home, so therefore, our contact details are kept on the back of the frame out of sight and our logo is not displayed on the front of the frame unlike other sculpturing companies.

We hand make products that will create a memory for a life time, so we make sure that our customers frames are made to last forever. You can be rest assured that we have the expertise to create the highest quality sculptures of your child’s hand and feet. We are professional picture framers and you can trust Impressionable kids to keep your precious keepsakes safe for years to come.

Why choose Impressionable Kids?

⭐️  We are Australia’s leader in framed children’s memorabilia!
⭐️  We don’t advertise our logo on the front of your precious keepsake!
⭐️  Matboards are professionally cut!
⭐️  Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship! (provided our suggested care of frame is followed)
⭐️  Our casting technique is 100% safe and non-toxic!
⭐️  We use high quality sculpting stone (not plaster of Paris) to stand the test of time!
⭐️  Large choice of designs, colours and frames!

We also offer the perfect Baby shower, baby or Christmas gift. Purchase a gift voucher.

Check out our full range of products and designs on our website or give us a call to make an appointment and come in and see our range in person at our home studio in Berwick.


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