A Maze ‘N Things – fun, magic & adventure


Be entertained, amused and enthralled at Phillip Island’s most fun destination!

A Maze’N Things is an exciting world of optical illusions, puzzles, mazes and magic that will entertain and amuse the whole family for hours.

Right from the moment you enter, there are things that catch your eye and trick your brain. Starting with the Giant Floating Tap, Flooded House and even the world’s largest backwards clock, you are in for an experience unlike any other. Get your head chopped off, be shrunk to half your size, get lost in the mirror maze, fall off a cliff or zoom along on flying boogie boards.
Enter Magic Manor to discover a whole new world of mystery, illusions and magic.
For those seeking even more adventure, SkyTrail provides a great adrenaline rush as a high ropes course challenge conducted in complete safety.
This truly unique, weird and wonderful place opens 7 days, offering a long list of things to do, problems to solve and places to go.



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