Member Review – The New Atrium


For those who like to go out for dinner where there is a kids playground, the old Atrium restaurant at Safety Beach Country Club has reopened and they have a really great, new, massive playground for the kids. We went there for dinner last night and they have great size meals. They are also open for breakfast and coffees so it is a good place to keep in mind if you have kids.


Safety Beach Country Club, Safety Beach

Enjoying with the Kids

  • Great sized playground for the kids
  • Separate Kid’s Menu
  • Play Area for Kids
  • Allergy Friendly Option
  • Staff Friendly towards Children
  • Highchairs
  • Pram Access

The Food

  • Very tasty and good sized meals.
  • Are open for breakfast also with many different breakfast options.
  • Prices vary – Kids Menu was $7.90 per meal, while the mains ranged in price.
  • Gluten Free options on some dishes cost more.
  • Kids menu also included a roast of the day as an option.
  • Have lots of different ice cream flavours for dessert

The Atmosphere and Service

Nice atmosphere and good service


Thank you to Cathy from Rosebud for this review.

Details reflect the contributor’s experience and have not been verified by Mornington Peninsula Kids. The contributor has not been paid for the review, and paid in full for their meal.


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