{Mum’s Word} – Eating at Morning Star Estate with Kids


I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old. A meal at Morning Star Estate was something I would have considered for a special date night with my husband – not for a family dinner with two small children! We had relatives staying and as they don’t have children, were looking for something a little more upmarket than our regular ‘go-to’ eateries. I had been seeing the pictures of Morning Star Estate with the promotions for the Mornington Peninsula Kids Family Expo, as well as hearing from a friend the new chef was wonderful, so I thought ‘why not!’

We arrived at 6pm for an early meal (given the age of my little ones) and were greeted with the friendliest of waiters. The table was already set up for the children and they were quickly given a bread roll to enjoy and we were able to order meals for a children’s menu. We have a child with multiple allergies, which often proves difficult eating out, but I was very impressed at the length both the wait staff and kitchen went to cater for her.

Our biggest problem was trying to decide on the adult meals, as all menu options were very enticing. With four adults, we decided on four different meals and some extra forks to sample as much as possible. We were entertained with the fun nature of our waiter while we waited for our meals – it was early in service so they arrived quite quickly. The children’s meals had been cooled already, so they were able to enjoy them immediately, which parents always appreciate.

A quiet fell over the table when our meals were served. The delightful silence of people savouring food. At that point I was grateful I took the gamble to bring the children. What we were enjoying did not even compare to the bistro meal we had planned on. If I could find one negative (or recommendation for future diners) is don’t fill up on as much bread as we did! No small serves here leaving you hungry. It was also a wise choice that we ordered dessert to share, as they were a decent serving size as well.

table-in-door-1As we had gone in winter, on a dark, rainy evening, I am looking forward to returning in the summer months, especially after day light savings begins, to enjoy those magnificent views while I dine. The restaurant has outdoor seating for warmer days and a grassed area with colonial games equipment set up for children to play. I can picture a Sunday lunch and afternoon in January spent here, followed by a walk in the rose gardens and around the property.

However, I believe the greatest review came from my 3 year old son, who a number of weeks later, when I asked him if he would like to do something special for his 4th birthday, replied “Can we go to the fancy restaurant again please?” What more can I say to that, except do not make the same mistake I did and waste any time not enjoying this wonderful local eatery because I assumed it was not child friendly.

Our reviewer was not paid for this review and the family paid for their meals.

Morning Star Estate is located on Sunnyside Rd, Mt Eliza. To make a booking phone 9787 7760 or visit their website



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