Green Hat Workshops

PLANKS, are dynamic technical building blocks designed to inspire creative minds. Identical in size and shape, cut precisely from 100% farmed pine and individually finished for consistent quality. PLANKS are specifically proportioned to allow exploration of design, engineering and gravity in order to build almost anything you can imagine.

In their school program, children will work with others to create a range of constructions from Green Hat Workshop’s collection of thousands of PLANKS.

While authentic self directed play is the primary objective of this program, particular emphasis is also placed on children’s emerging sense of Identity, Community, Well-being, reflection on the reasons for their choices and Communication with others.

Introducing formal terms, creative challenges and problem solving.

Green Hat Workshop staff will take advantage of opportunities to discuss children’s understandings of the forces and movements at work, how best to co-operate, negotiate and collaborate with others and will share the successes of individuals in the group.

Science Understanding

Green Hat Workshop staff will help children develop an understanding of concepts and words such as friction, counterbalance and support.

– Science Inquiry – Curiosity and use of evidence to make observations. Both formal and informal discussions of why things have and have not worked are a feature of each workshop, prompting investigations into what might work and how strategies can be applied in different ways.

– Science as a human endeavour – Recognising scientific concepts in everyday life. Green Hat Workshop Staff use the concepts being explored to draw out children’s understandings of the forces at work and their wider uses in our world.

Plank building offers varied ability groups the opportunity to work collaboratively. Structures can be simple or incredibly complex calling upon higher order problem solving, communication, teamwork and creativity skills. Students become engineers, inventors and sculptors and discover abilities they never knew they had.

Concepts in Brief

Balance, counterbalance, leverage, mass/Forces relationships, optimum proportions related to counter balance, 2D & 3D design, linear and parabolic shapes, symmetry, problem solving, innovation, teamwork, quantitative maths, geometric shapes, reasoned decision making.