Mt Eliza House Sanctuary of Early Learning

Mt Eliza House Sanctuary of Early Learning is a privately owned Long day Care facility and government registered Kindergarten.

Our commitment at Mt Eliza House is to provide a homelike environment where each individual child can thrive.

All children have the right to grow and learn in their own way, at their own pace, allowing them to gently unfold to reach their full potential.

With large natural outdoor play spaces and six inviting rooms, the children spend their days exploring their world, creating positive friendships and developing empathy and respect. Our curriculum reinforces connections with nature and encourages self reliance, problem solving and creativity.

Our educators acknowledge the diverse ways in which individuals learn in our ever-changing world, and support and nurture each childโ€™s learning journey.

Learning environments are provided to assist young ones to become curious, confident and caring decision makers.

We highly value family input and work collaboratively within our team and our community to provide best practice and continual improvement.

We would like to welcome you to Mt. Eliza House Sanctuary of Early Learning. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for the care of children aged 6 weeks to 5 years of age. As a service we are committed to continuous quality care and improvement to ensure full and balanced development for each child.