Parent with Passion

Parent with Passion supports Mums in their role focusing on their own emotional health as well as providing strategies to parent without the yelling!

Deanne Atkinson is the Founder of Parent with Passion and has a spiritual approach to life, meaning she focuses on emotions and breaking negative behaviour and patterns. She provides Spiritual Counselling and Parenting plus Hahnemann Healing to her clients as well as packages for new parents to be. Her parenting approach is based on values such as equality between parent and child.

Parent with Passion is located in Mornington and Deanne is a local Mum and Step Mum and also a regular contributor of Peninsula Kids Magazine.

Deanne strongly believes if we work on ourselves and find freedom from our own negative patterns of behaviour we can stop the cycle of these habits being passed down from generation to generation. Often when we change, children respond positively.

If you are interested in making some positive changes in your role as a parent or for your own personal development contact Deanne on 0413 316 079 or head over to the website now.      

Taking the next step towards change

To make an appointment for a consultation or join her parenting program
contact Deanne 0413 316 079 or

Appointments available in Mornington or via Zoom Conference Call