Project Birth

Project Birth – Education and Inspiration for Positive Childbirth

The Project Birth Philosophy

There are many ways that birth can be different to what you expect and you can’t always know what may happen on the day, but it doesn’t have to be something you fear. Education and preparation are the key!

Studies have shown that the more knowledgeable and prepared a birthing woman and her birthing partner are the more positive the experience, they have less complicated births, less use of interventions and a faster recovery.

No one can promise you the perfect birth but you can learn how to take control of your experience and birth better. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference to how your baby is born and what the experience is like for both of you.

Even though women do have an innate ability to birth, it isn’t enough to just ‘wing it’ or hope and wait for an ‘inner birthing goddess’ to magically emerge once in labour. Unfortunately too many other things can get in the way. Negative thoughts or fear, hospital policies or outdated routine procedures, lack of support or knowledge, no coping skills, a busy ward or a care provider with a different birthing philosophy can all have a massive impact on how your baby is born.  And rarely does a smooth, easy or natural birth experience come down to just good luck…it comes down to you and education and preparation are the key to a positive birth.

Pregnancy, labour and birth and new parenthood are some of the most magical experiences of your life.  A positive, empowering birth is something that will help you start parenthood on the right foot and is something you can look back and draw on through tough parenting moments.

People usually say the most momentous days of their life were their wedding day and the births of their children. We can spend tens of thousands of dollars and up to a year planning a wedding so shouldn’t we also put the same effort into the day our children enter the world?  Parents-to-be can often put so much time and money into getting the nursery just right and making sure they have everything ticked off the new baby checklist. Yet barely anything is put towards preparing for birth. The baby won’t care if their nursery is worthy of a photo spread in Vogue Living, or whether they are riding around in the most expensive pram on the market. But their immediate and long term health and wellbeing can be significantly affected by how they are born, why wouldn’t you invest in that?

You don’t really know what is going to help you on the day. Every woman is different and every birth unique. So why not go into it with a ton of knowledge, a bag of tools and a range of effective skills up your sleeve.  You will have the confidence to create a supportive birth environment, stay calm, stand by your choices, trust your body and journey through labour in a way that feels right for you.

Your Body, Your Birth, Your Baby means Your CHOICE! By knowing what your choices are, puts YOU in the driving seat so that YOU are in command of your birth experience.