Sensory Processing Disorder


Sensory Processing Dysfunction is a neurological condition that impairs the functioning in around 1-20 children. People with SPD misinterpret everyday sensory information such as touch, sound and movement. They experience their world as either hypersensitive (overreactive, avoid sensory input) or hypo sensitive (under reactive, sensory seeker). They may also present with motor skill problems, and react with strong emotional behaviours and experience melt downs.

When there is a Sensory Processing dysfunction, it is hypothesized that the brain does not process or organise the flow of sensory impulses in a way that gives the child precise information about themselves and their world. As a result, learning can be difficult and children may feel uncomfortable, or have difficulty coping with the stress of daily sensory and organizational demands. This often results in additional or behavioural difficulties.

A local mum has started a Facebook page to offer help and support to families dealing with sensory difficulties everyday.

“I will provide information on what SPD is, provide lots of ideas for sensory play at home, places to buy therapeutic equipment in Australia, and information on where to find professional help in your area. My boys see an OT at Sprout in Mornington and the difference OT makes is incredible. Unfortunately, due to the cost, a lot of families can’t continue with the therapy long term. As the page builds momentum, I would like to be able to offer giveaways and help for these families. Whether it’s assistance in buying ot equipment to use at home or even offer some respite for exhausted parents.”

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The name of the Facebook page is Sensory Processing Disorder Australia and you can follow by clicking on the link at the top of the page.