Craft: 3D Hand Art


What You’ll Need:

  • pencil
  • paper
  • textas, crayons or coloured pencils

How to do it:

1Trace your hand and a bit of your arm with a pencil.

2Using a texta, draw a straight line from the edge of the paper until you get to the pencil line. Draw an arc to the other pencil line and then go back to making a straight line.

3Colour in between the black lines in a pattern (or not).

4That’s handy!


*We tried using a ruler for one of our hands, drawing a straight line from one side of the paper to the pencil line, skipping the inside of the hands, and then continuing on the other side. Once we did all the straight lines we went back and drew arcs attaching the lines. In the end it was easiest just doing it freehand and didn’t make much difference!

*You can go back and erase the pencil line when you’re finished with the black lines if you wish.


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