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Q. My 4y/o has always been a handful and a very fussy eater but recently she has been having extreme temper tantrums and it has been almost impossible to get her to sleep at night. I wouldn’t know where to start with all the vitamins in the supermarket but I wonder if she is getting everything she needs from the little food she eats?

A. Many children are fussy when it comes to main meals and some of this comes down to our own anxiety as mothers about getting them to eat “enough” and giving them all the nourishment they need. Taking away that anxiety by feeding your young children a variety of foods in small protein rich snacks throughout the day can really help. Not only does it ease your mind, it also helps avoid blood sugar dips which can trigger tantrums in some children.

Fussy eaters often have set things they just will not eat and often this is the most nutrient dense foods such as “green stuff” which can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Many of which are important for mood regulation and muscle relaxation which may be relevant to your individual situation.

On the topic of supplementation sometimes we get more than we bargain for in the way of sugars and flavouring which can cause blood sugar spikes making the behaviours worse.

The place I like to start with little ones, particularly as the weather cools down is by making a big bone broth full of grass fed organic beef or chicken bones and a variety of vegetables and herbs which are cooked low and slow then strained leaving a nutrient dense clear soup/broth. This is great for gut health as well as providing bone-building minerals for growing bodies. It can be added to soups sauces and slow cooked meals to improve nutrient density and of course flavour.

Jessica Paynter

Nutritional Medicine Practitioner
Adv. Dip. (NutMed)
Energie Natural Health
14/271 Wells Road, Chelsea Heights VIC 3196

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