Craft: Blow the family away with your Christmas table décor skills!


Alicent Wong, founder of home cook love has put together some of her tips/advice and trends to follow for this year!

1. Keep it minimal

Don’t go too crazy with loading your table up with extravagant amounts of décor. Your table should be set out simple yet elegant, remember your table is for food and drinks so you don’t want large amounts of ornaments everywhere.

2. Back to the bush

Believe it or not greenery is making a come back and why shouldn’t it? Christmas decorations should be elegant, lush and peaceful to look at. Adding some greenery to your table will give a neat unique style.

3. Keep it traditional

While all through the shops you’ll see unlimited amounts of blue, pink and purple, keep your table traditional. This year should be all about silver, red, gold and green. If you so happen to absolutely NEED a splash of colour choose one colour for your feature.

4. Charger plates

These are a brilliant idea as not only do they look great they add a feature to the table even if you don’t have a table cloth. They also are great to catch excess food and spillages, especially if there’s young ones around. Another great asset is they will keep your food warmer for longer – win/win.

5. Artisan style

Keep your table rustic, personal and of course artistic by incorporating artisan style. Not sure what Artisan style is? Artisan style is all about handmade creations, and in this case we are talking dinnerware. Incorporating handmade bowls, cups and utensils will create a unique and inviting table setting. home cook love have a large range of kitchenware that will be perfect for your Christmas setting this year.



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