Craft: Bunch ‘o hearts



  • 2 Pink 30cm strips of card (or longer if you want a bigger frame)
  • 12-24 strips of paper in different lengths for filler hearts
  • Stapler
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush
  • 30cm piece of ribbon


1 Start by stacking the two strips of card on top of each other and stapling together at the very bottom with a horizontal staple. (Prior to this first staple, put a piece of ribbon between the strips of card and staple all three bits together. I forgot to do this!)

2 Now open the bits of card outward and curve them down and together to form the bottom point of the heart. Secure with a horizontal staple. (The ribbon should be dangling out from the top of the heart.)

3 With the other assorted lengths of strips make more hearts by folding the strip in half, making a crease for the inside V of the heart, and curve the strips out and down to make the bottom point of the heart. Secure with a horizontal staple. (If your hearts are all ending up the same size, put the staple up higher and snip off the excess paper.)

4 Pour some PVA glue into a plastic cup and use a paintbrush to apply glue onto the outside of the small hearts wherever they touch another side.

5 Once your hearts frame is full, if there are still some small gaps, we made curls out of strips of paper to fill the holes.

6 Hang your heart and feel the love!

As published in Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2017


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