Craft: Tissue Paper Bowls


You’ll need:

  • Tissue paper
  • Balloons
  • Scissors
  • Coffee mug
  • Texta
  • Watered down PVA
  • Brush or foam brush

How to do it:

1Inflate the balloon to the desired size. Draw a stop line around the balloon to use as a guide for kids to know where to stop gluing down tissue paper. Affix balloon to a mug with masking tape.

2Cut lots of small squares of tissue paper. No need for exactness here!

3Get your watered down PVA ready in a bowl for dipping. Just enough so it’s easier to spread.

4Place a piece of tissue paper over top of the balloon and brush over with PVA.

5Continue until the whole surface up to the stop line is covered with tissue and saturated with glue. Once layer is on the dry side start adding additional layers of tissue paper coating each with PVA. The more layers, the stronger the bowl will be. We did six layers. Allow the tissue paper bowl to fully dry. It should be hard and not pliable. Be patient.

6Pop the balloon and carefully peel it from the inside of the bowl.

7Use scissors to remove excess glue and create a fancy edge on the bowl if you wish.

8Bowl your friends over with your awesome craft skills!

Peninsula Kids – Spring 2019


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