A Father’s role in his daughters life


By Deanne Atkinson

There was stillness in the room which was ironic as minutes before there was high excitement, loud grunts and groans as our baby daughter was born and taking her first breath. Within seconds she was placed on my husband’s bare chest. 

The next twelve minutes were the most moving I have ever experienced.  I watched my husband fall in love.  I watched my daughter drink up his love, his warmth, his strength and gentle touch on her warm, naked body.    A man of great height and strength he connected ever so softly with his newborn daughter.  They connected physically and energetically, together in love, gentleness and purity.  He poured an intense love into her, embracing her with everything he had and she cuddled into him like they were old friends.  I witnessed the purist exchange of tenderness and love.  She found contentment in his arms, embracing his smell, his touch and his soft words. They had connected on all levels.  She had met her dad and they had bonded.

Feeling that I had already bonded with our child during the pregnancy, we listened to some great advice from some wise, old friends.  It was recommended to us, to place our newborn straight on her father’s chest.  It was truly one of those moments you never forget.  The energy in the room was palpable.  Our daughter began her life, settled into her father’s embrace.

A father’s role to his daughter is one of great importance.  It is her first relationship with a male.  Teaching her and preparing her for relationships later in life, setting her up for healthy relationships with confidence.  One of the most important things a father can teach his daughter is how special and beautiful she is.  It is important for a mother to step aside and encourage this bond between father and daughter.  To foster one on-one-time and daddy-and-daughter dates are a great way to build this relationship.  Daughters will grow confidence and look forward to the attention. 

Each parent is equally important in raising a child and will do so differently in their own individual way.  Ideally, if parents can parent in harmony, support each other and encourage each other to grow in their role their child will benefit and flourish.  Respecting that each parent has differing roles to play; together they can meet the needs of the child.  One of the most wonderful things in life is to watch your partner grow into their role as a parent, persevering through the challenges, finding fulfilment, growing in love and experiencing joy as a mum or dad and together as parents.

Deanne is the Founder of Parent with Passion.
This is a service which helps break the negative cycle in parenting and supports a childhood for our children that they don’t have to recover from in years to come.
As a Parent Coach and Spiritual Counsellor she is determined to increase awareness of the power of parenting; how our actions can last a life time. She has a spiritual approach to parenting meaning she is all about feelings and emotions. Deanne looks beneath behaviour to the emotion and supports both children and parents to move through negativity by addressing what the underlying feeling is.

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