Garden Babies Fairy Party


Party planning tips from Faerie Crystall…

  • If hiring an entertainer, book them 20 minutes after the guests to make sure all the little visitors have arrived.
  • An hour and a half party is long enough for children 6 and under. They get very overwhelmed when all the attention is focused on them.
  • Food wise… think less not more as the kids generally do not eat much.
  • If having an entertainer remind other guests to speak quietly so the show can be enjoyed.
  • Have a back-up game like pass the parcel, a treasure hunt or fairy freeze just in case you need it.
  • Older kids love helping. Do not be afraid to give them jobs to do. They can be in charge of a game, face painting, serving food or being a special friend to any shy kids. (Bribery is a perfectly acceptable form of payment).
  • Don’t forget, the kids really don’t mind if the table wear matches, the food is gourmet, and the weather is spot on perfect. They just want to eat food doused in sugar and play with their friends!

Faerie Crystall parties are one or one and half hours. Small fairy tea parties including magic games, craft on request, lollies and face painting.

Photo credits: Kelly McDonald and Flick J McGregor


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