Go Glam Basketball Spa Party


Planning your Go Glam Basketball Spa Party

1Be sure to book your Go Glam bell tent well in advance to avoid missing out. Figure out your theme, (if you’re having one!), and chat to the team at My Dreamy Teepee about colour schemes. Basketball calls for lots of orange and black.

2Use an edible pen purchased from your local cake-making shop to add accents to food. We used ours to make basketball bun sandwiches, basketball mandarins, and basketball bikkies!

3Let your imagination go – pick other foods that meet the brief. Vanilla wafers made us think of basketball nets. Jaffas, nacho cheese chips, cheese balls all fall into the colour palette.

4Make a basketball court out of hummus and sliced olives. Veggie sticks, pretzels and saladas make great spectators.

5To make basketball pedi’s paint the nails with shiny orange polish and use a fine nail brush to draw on black lines to make the grooves of the ball.

6Pass the parcel is a great basketball party game. Use orange tissue paper for all of the layers trying to make the parcel as round as possible.  Open the circle of friends wide enough to have to toss the basketball parcel.

7Plain orange goody bags can be spruced up by drawing or printing out basketball shapes or player silhouettes.

8Basketball cakes can be achieved easily at home with lots of orange icing and a few strips of liquorice


Organised By:
Go Glam Bell Tent and Day Spa


Peninsula Kids – Summer 2017/18


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