Craft: How to make Dad a nuts & bolts keychain


Your dad will go absolutely nuts for this handmade nuts and bolts key chain.


  • Safety scissors
  • Pens


  • Key ring
  • Eye bolt
  • Hexagon nuts
  • Bolt and Nut
  • Square nuts
  • Dome nuts
  • Wing nuts
  • Foam sheet


keychain_1Step 1. Attach key ring

Take the eye bolt and attach the key ring to it. It is a little bit fiddly but just keep at it.



keychain_2Step 2. Add nuts and bolts

Start screwing on your nuts and bolts. Use any shapes you like but make sure the sizes match your eye bolt.



keychain_3Step 3. Finish with a dome nut

Leave a bit of space at the end of the eye bolt and finish off with a dome nut.




Step 4. Cut out foam square

Using your safety scissors, cut out a small square of foam card. Be sure to have adult supervision when using the scissors or ask for an adult’s help.



keychain_5Step 5. Write message

Take your pen and write a Father’s Day message for dad on the foam square.



keychain_6Step 6. Attach foam to key ring

Finally, poke a hole at the end of the foam card and thread it onto the key ring.



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