Why we need to teach our kids to use their imagination


By Bobbie Richardson

Looking back at my own education, the years I learnt the most were when I liked and respected my teacher – and not because they demanded it – but because their imaginative skills in teaching and passion to try new things stimulated my mind into asking more. It was a real joy to go to school in those years. But it’s not like that now.

Our schooling system is formed on the basis that the imagination is an obstacle to the reasoning mind, but that logic is flawed as we are now learning from science that our imagination has a far greater role and should be encouraged in schools to help the reasoning logical mind to develop and shift into new possibilities.

Not only do children develop better under the use of methods that excite the imagination and stimulate them into learning and retaining more, but teachers need the freedom to use their imagination and intuition. This naturally leads to a collaboration of unity between the teachers and their students, forming a creative relationship that can command respect and enthusiasm to learn.

Imagination is unlimited in its potential to create change, and is one of the most powerful tools you can give yourself and your child.

How else is it helpful?

1It can help clear past blocks, anxieties and fears
By using the imagination to shift neuron paths that have attachments to past stories we can go back to a problem or life tragedy and view it from a different perspective.

2It can help create new potential realities
Taking into account the quantum physics slit experiment, that we as an observer can shift our reality just by our expectations, the use of our imagination is a vital tool. Thus imagining and focusing on what we want in life will drives us to our next action, and create our reality as cause and effect take place.

3It can give you more control over your thoughts
By exercising your imagination, you can stop a bad thought and replace it with a simple but affective symbol or thought. I’ve used this technique many times by catching a negative thought and replacing it with my choice of a simple thought – a sunflower. Just thinking of this now stops unwanted thoughts and has helped me take more control over my mind. But I could never have done this without my imagination.

4It helps you remember more
Enquiries directed to some of the brightest people in the world as to how they actually remember so much more, many will tell you they create a story by using their imagination. The sillier, the better. I have tried this out with my 11 and 13-year-old girls and we all increased our ability to recall more.

When we learn to use our imagination in combination with our logical, reasoning mind we not only learn faster but we learn to take responsibility for our thoughts, open new creative ways of living and expand our abilities. The world is our oyster and our imagination is the pearl.

Bobbie Richardson is a mum and the author and illustrator of two books, the new age children’s fiction Jonar & Kitty (A&A Publishing $15.99) and the children’s picture book, Imagine Holding Hands.

For more information visit www.bobbierichardson.com.au


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