Craft: No-sew t-shirt tote bag


You’ll need:

  • Old t-shirt or dress
  • Chalk or washable marker
  • Sharp scissors

How to do it:

1Cut off the sleeves

2Cut off the collar (could trace a half-circle with chalk or do free hand)

3Flip t-shirt inside out and draw a line across t-shirt so little hands know where to stop cutting. This line will determine the size of your bag.

4Cut top and bottom layers of t-shirt at the same time into strips up to the line marked in step 3.

5Knot top and bottom strips together one set at a time.

6Now knot one set of strips to the next and then that one to the next and so on…working from left to right.

7Flip your bag to right side out and check for holes between knots. If you see one simply add another knot to close the gap.

Time to go plastic-free shopping!

First published in Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018


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