Peninsula kids chat with Justine Clarke


justine clarkeWe recently had some of our gorgeous Mornington Peninsula Kids provide interview questions for Justine Clarke.

Lucy, 5: What do you love most about doing concerts?

Hearing everybody sing and roar.

Keira, 6:  What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is yellow.

What is your favorite animal?

The platypus. What a crazy animal!

What is your favorite kind of tree?

Why a gumtree of course!

What is your favorite plant and vegetable?

My favourite plant is a gardenia bush and fave veggie would definitely be green… Crispy iceberg lettuce. Yum!

Emily, 6:  How do you get the ideas for your songs when you are writing them?

I think about something that makes me smile and remember what fun it was to be a kid.

Charlotte, 4:  Who is your favourite toy on Play School? Mine is Jemima.

Humpty has always been my favourite!

Riley, Jye & Jorjah-Mae: When you grew up what was the highlight of your childhood?

So many but one of my fondest memories is swimming at Bondi with my mum and dad, I was about 6 and they took me out to the waves.

Isabella, 8:  I have been watching play school for yonks. You’re beautiful! What TV shows did you watch when you were little and did you go to any kids concerts back then?

I watched Play School a lot! And HR Puff N Stuff and a lot of The Muppet Show.

Lucinda: What is your favourite part of being on play school?

Everything! But I love the story chair. Knowing how many stories have been read in that old red chair. Also, just being in the company of the toys is always pretty special.

Charlotte, 4:  I love watching play school. My question is do you like to do play school, your TV shows or make CDs better? 

I love that I get to do lots of different and interesting things. But I think I love singing the most!

Casey, 6:  What is your favourite song from play school? Mine is Incy Wincy spider

I love that song too!! Mine is a lullaby. It’s called Moon Moon Shiny and Silverdd

Lawson, 4:  What song do you love singing and dancing to the most?
The song in the show I love singing and dancing to the most is Dancing Pants. But I’m happy singing and dancing to pretty much anything!


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