Random ways to celebrate!


By thingsbybean.com

Kids love to celebrate – well, just about anything – and coming up with something more exciting than the stock-standard birthday festivity can be tough. Kick the celebration brain-block to the curb and invite in a random day party – and never fear stir-crazy kids again by noting down these boredom-busting days. From National Oreo Day to Caramel Popcorn Day, Things by Bean have put together their top list of the ultimate child friendly random days to get your celebration on this year.

6 March: National Oreo Day

What better way to celebrate the world’s fave cookie than to fill your (and your kids’) mouths with them? Forget your glass of milk and ye olde twist and dunk, it’s time to get creative with the kiddos. Try your pass at making an Oreo cheesecake or an Oreo thick shake. Warning – it’s going to get messy.

19 March: Let’s Laugh Day

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Why shouldn’t it be? It’s free, requires zero effort and definitely no extra trip to the doctor. Studies even show that a few minutes of laughter can reduce blood pressure, increase immune response, decrease stress levels and release endorphins. Pop on their fave giggle-inspiring flick or hire a clown for the day – and get a parenting gold star for celebrating this health-boosting day with your kiddos.

20 March: World Storytelling Day

Storytelling is something we have been fascinated with since we lived in caves and sat around a fire making up tales to pass the time, explain history or mind-boggling concepts in easy-to-digest way. Tell your child a story that explains something to them about your family history, your favourite fairy tale in your own words, or a story about something that’s important to you – or invite them to tell their own story!

3 April: World Party Day

What better excuse to have a party than a day dedicated to one? It doesn’t take much to please your kids – invite around a few of their pals, present a smorgasbord of their favourite treats and throw glitter around like confetti (literally).

7 April: World Caramel Popcorn Day

Popcorn plus caramel? Sweet, sugary heaven. Take the opportunity to celebrate this special treat (even if you’re just going to pick a bag up off the shelves of your local and eat it on the way home – no judgement). For the braver of you out there, have a crack at making this treat yourself and host a living room movie marathon with the little ones. Sorry – you’re all on your own for the impending sugar crash.

May 1: Batman Day

Get your superhero on and celebrate Batman day with your kids by having a Batman marathon – the Batman universe has so many movies, cartoons, video games, comics and more. Get your kids dressed up in a batman costume (or their fave batman themed pyjamas) and dive into the world of the Dark Knight (perhaps with a bowl of caramel popcorn).

May 10: Clean Up Your Room Day

This day might make your kids yawn and yell – but it’s possible to make it fun. Help them organise their toys, books and beds – and reward them for keeping their room clean. Get the tunes pumping, stash little treats around their room for them to find as they clean, and play make believe – have them pretend they’re a secret agent carrying out a very important mission or a dust-buster destroying grime.


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