Craft: Silhouetts on Canvas


christmasgift-1448527736g4k8nYou’ll need:  

  • 30cm X 30cm square canvas
  • Printer with A4 paper
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Contact paper
  • Paint brush (something with soft bristles or better yet a foam one to prevent streaks from heavy-handed painters)

What to do:

  1. Paint the canvas white.
  2. Take photos of your models from the side, arms down (we stood against a plain background so we could find easy cut lines later on).
  3. Print the photos, black and white, on regular A4 sized paper.
  4. Cut around the photo, paying special attention to hair lines and lips/nose
  5. Use this “stencil” and trace the outline onto the paper side of your contact paper with a dark texta. (I wasn’t toooo careful here, knowing that you wouldn’t see any of the black line after peeling off the actual sheet.)
  6. Cut along the black line. (Don’t worry too much if you make a hair mistake, (we made plenty!), adjust it with your scissors and move on. There’s room for error in this project.)
  7. Stick the contact paper cut-out to the middle of the canvas pressing down carefully to smooth out bubbles and get edges down firmly.
  8. Paint over the entire canvas.
  9. After the paint dries, remove the contact paper cut-out.
  10. Art! Awesome!

As published in Peninsula Kids – Summer 2016/17


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