Craft: Spiral paper flowers


You’ll need:

  • A4 coloured paper – green for stems & leaves, any colour for flowers
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to do it:

1Take one sheet of green paper and roll as tightly as possible from one corner to the other. Secure flap with sticky tape.

2Choose a colour of paper for your flower and make a thin fold along any one of the vertical sides. (To make a tighter flower roll, cut the A4 paper in half vertically and then make the fold. The long ones will droop the next day!)

3Start cutting strips into the paper horizontally, just up to the crease made by making the fold in step 2. Try to make the strips as thin and straight as possible, but don’t stress, we had all sizes and our flowers look fab!

TIP: Fold the paper in half and halve your cutting time by cutting through both sides at once.

4Roll each strip from all the way up to the crease to form a curl. Start with a bend or two in the paper, then the rolling should be easier.

5Take the strip of curled paper and apply glue along the uncut part of the paper above the crease.

6Wrap the glued area of the curled paper onto the green rolled paper. Start gluing it from the top of the stem and roll it down the stem.

7Grab another piece of green paper to make the leaves.  Cut the paper into 4 equal parts. Fold the paper accordion-style from the shorter side.

8Once folded, start cutting from ¼ way up and into a soft pointed, leaf-like shape. If it’s difficult to cut through all the paper at once, cut the paper in half to make it less bulky. When you open your accordion, you’ll have lots of green leaves!

9Split them up for easier gluing and use as many or as few as you like.

Spring is in the air!

First published in Peninsula Kids – Spring 2018


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