Teepee party


Planning your my dreamy teepee’s slumber Party!

  1. Plan a perfect guest list: Ask Mum and Dad how many people you are allowed to have and include all your BFFs. For younger children don’t have many more than 5 as it can become overwhelming with so many children. Handmade invitations are a totally unique touch – fill the envelope with glitter so your friends get a surprise!
  2. Prep your food! Prep your fave snacks before your guests arrive unless it’s something that you can all bake together – for example DIY cupcakes. Bake the cupcakes and let your friends decorate to their liking.
  3. Movie Marathon! In the days before the sleepover ask your guests for their favourite films. Pick three and hire/download the flicks for a mad movie marathon.
  4. Face masks! Spa masks for the girls and monster mud scary masks for the boys. It’s as easy as ¼ mashed avocado, tablespoon honey and ½ a banana .
  5. Sleep Over Games! Here are a few of our favourite games: M&M Magic, Talent Show and Karaoke.
  6. Leave some soft lighting on like the fairy lights on My Dreamy Teepees tents. You may be used to sleeping at home but knowing that each guest can still see their way around a strange house will make them feel more at home.
  7. Most importantly have fun!


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First published in Peninsula Kids – Spring 2017


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