Craft: Tulle Pom Poms



  • Tulle (we used about 3 metres for a 30cm diameter ball)
  • cardboard
  • ribbon
  • scissors


1Trace two circles doughnut shapes on cardboard and cut out. (We used a child’s melamine bowl to trace around.) Don’t worry about being perfect!

2Take a ribbon, or whatever you want to use to tie the middle with and make a loop as if you are tying it a bow and lay it between your  two doughnut pieces. (Think about making this ribbon long enough to hang the pom pom if that is you plan, otherwise, keep it nice and short if you don’t plan to hang.)

3Put your piece of tulle through the middle hole and then wrap around through the hole and back out again, round and round until your doughnut is filled and no cardboard is exposed.

4Using fairly sharp scissors, cut the outside of the tulle around the entire circle. Take care not to cut your middle string if it’s sticking out somewhere!!

5Once the tulle is cut, you will have two distinct sides.  Separate the tulle a bit and you should see your ribbon in the middle. Pull it tight and make a knot.

6Pull, (or tear off), the cardboard doughnut sides and you will be left with a puffy ball.

7Trim your tulle ball if needed, so the tulle is even, and give it a squish and fluff to make sure you inside ribbon is covered.

Peninsula Kids – Summer 2017/18


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