Craft: Valentine’s Love Tree


Gorgeous for Valentine’s Day or just to tell someone you love them


  • 1 large piece of white paper
  • 1 piece of patterned or plain brown paper, for arm/hand outline tree trunk
  • assorted coloured or patterned pieces of paper for hearts
  • glue stick
  • scissors


1 Make an outline in pencil on back of brown piece of paper for trunk

2 Carefully cut out the shape of the arm/ hand and glue it onto the white piece of paper from the bottom.

3 Get to work drawing and cutting out the heart shapes in all sizes on various pieces of coloured/patterned paper.  (We used the fold over method for cutting symmetrical hearts.)

4 Glue down the hearts around the top of the tree and in between the “branches”.  Maybe have a few “falling” from the tree.

5 Go one step further with glitter or names on some of the hearts!


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