Craft: Wool Wall Hangings


You’ll Need:

  • 30cm piece of dowel or stick
  • 60 strands of yarn each measuring 120cm long
  • Optional embellishments – beads, lace, ribbon, pompoms


How to do it:

  1. Start by cutting 60 lengths of string. I put a ruler on the ground and sloppily drug the yarn back and forth, back and forth then snipped. Don’t worry about perfection, you can shape it perfectly, if you want to, at the end of the project.
  2. We’ll use three strings for each knot, so fold your lengths of string over once and arrange in whatever pattern you choose. (I think this helped the kids see what they were doing.)
  3. Leave 3cm of stick at the end and start knotting by putting the loop under your stick and passing the tail of the yarn over the stick and through the loop. Pull to tighten.
  4. Keep making knots all the way across the stick. If you mess up the pattern or decide you want to add more between the knots can slide easily across to make room. Just be careful not to slide them all the way off the stick!
  5. Stop knotting when there is 3cm of exposed stick on the other end.
  6. We added some extra personality to our wall hangings by braiding a few of our strands together, tying on a pompom here and there, a knot of coloured lace and a couple of beads.
  7. The kids like the ends shaggy, (ehh..I wanted to cut them into a ‘V’ shape, but I digress…), so I knotted a long piece of yarn to each end of the pattern and wrapped around a few times to use for hanging.

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