Craft: Yarn Bowls



  • Yarn (different colours, different lengths depending on the style of bowl you’re going for!).
  • PVA glue – we used 250mls to get medium and two small bowls done.
  • Water
  • Cling film
  • Bowls


1Start by wrapping the backs of the bowls in cling wrap.

2In a separate bowl mix glue with just enough water to thin it out.

3Cut yarn in different lengths 30cm to 60cm long.

4Put yarn in glue mixture and mix so that yarn is drenched.

5Pull a length of yarn out one at a time and drag fingers down to get excess glue off. (Make sure they’re still soggy, though.)

a)  For abstract bowl drape yarn over back of cling filmed bowl in scattered directions.

b)  For layered bowl start at the bottom of the flipped bowl and carefully run yarn around bowl stacking one strip of yarn on top of another.  When completed, gently push yarn up side of bowl to create scalloped edge look.

6Place completed bowls onto baking paper and set outside in sun to dry.  (Drying time varies – ours took 6 hours outside.  They will take much longer indoors.)

7When dry, remove yarn with cling film from back of bowl. Then peel away cling film from yarn.

Note: it is important for either look that wet yarn touches other wet yarn. Squash down gently on abstract bowl and make sure lines of wrapped bowl all touch.

First published in Peninsula Kids Magazine – Winter 2016


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