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Congratulations on taking the initiative to grow your business. We are passionate about the businesses we work with and we love providing a unique opportunity to help them accomplish this. We can’t wait to be part of your success.

We connect families living on or visiting the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria with organisations. We have a strong, loyal following that come to us for advice, suggestions, ideas and recommendations. What we say gets heard directly by your target market. We are the only source for you to connect this specifically with the audience that you most want to have hear what you say. With over 50,000 website pages visited per month, a Facebook following over 22,500 and 6,000+ weekly e-newsletter subscribers, we now believe that we are a very effective form of local advertising. Better still, our wide range of advertising options, can save you money too.

We are also delighted with the reception from Peninsula Kids Magazine – 15,000 copies of high quality gloss magazine, bulk dropped across an extensive network of outlets including schools, kindergartens, play groups, shopping centres, play centres, cafes, restaurants and clothing stores. 

If you would like to advertise with us, please fill in your details below and we’ll email you a link to our media kit that contains all the details about our advertising rates. If you would like both kits, please complete both forms.

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