Bodybump – exercise classes for pregnant women

Exercise classes for pregnant women
on the Mornington Peninsula

Bodybump was set up to meet the needs of pregnant women on the Mornington Peninsula. Jo Ford, the founder of Bodybump, wanted to use her own experience in pregnancy as a building block to help support other women who were looking to enhance and maintain their fitness in pregnancy. There are many mixed messages about how much exercise is suitable and the safety of certain activities. We provide evidence based advice that is supported by local and national guidelines. All our instructors have undergone specialist training in pregnancy exercise to provide you a safe and personalised program to suit your needs.

We are aware that many first time mums have work commitments and many others mum to be have other children at home. This is why Bodybump Aqua is an evening class.

Exercise needs to be fun, and through Jo’s teaching experience we focus on your goals whilst creating a fun and social experience. Many of our mums come back to bring their babies and share their stories with other members of the group. Another vital part of pregnancy wellbeing is to feel connected with your baby. Each aqua class finishes with some quiet ‘floating’ time to allow you to relax and focus on connecting with your baby.

bodybump offers

  Pregnancy-specific qualified instructors
  A great way to meet other local mums to be
  Aqua classes
  A fun and social environment
  Pelvic floor exercises

  Cool down ‘float’ time to focus on your baby