Cornish College

When you choose Cornish College, you choose a wealth of educational experiences. From our passionate, experienced staff to the many cocurricular opportunities, Cornish offers education quite like no other.

Located on 100 acres of natural parkland, Cornish provides space for Early Learning to Year 12 students to stretch their legs and their curiosity, exploring knowledge beyond the classroom walls and in nature’s classroom. Our environment is the key to our vision of educating students for a sustainable, thriving future. We are committed to this vision, engaging our students beyond textbooks and encouraging a different way of thinking — one that considers how our decisions impact the world around us.

Our motto is ‘Make a Difference’. At the heart of this is our dedication to developing independence, compassion and personal excellence amongst our students, ensuring they have the capacity and the desire to make a difference, both locally and globally.

“I see a horizon of endless opportunities for this learning community to embrace the innovation and progressive thinking that has long been our point of difference,” said principal Nicola Forrest. “At Cornish, we are developing curriculum for a sustainable future with structures that mobilise the attitudes, skills, knowledge and values required for young people to become the best individuals they have the capacity to be,” she said.

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