Craft: Butterfly Punch Canvas


You’ll need:

Butterfly_06– A canvas
– Craft punch – butterfly
– PVA Glue
– Paper or card in various colours

What to do:

1Get started punching out those butterflies! We punched brown for our tree trunk and branches and used green for the leaves.

2Gather the butterflies in small stacks and bend the wings up by folding the stack just slightly in the middle.

3Pour some PVA glue onto a plastic plate and dip just the middle section of the paper butterflies into the glue.

4Arrange your butterflies on the canvas in the shape of a tree. Be sure to leave a few stragglers here and there that appear to be just joining or leaving the configuration.

*Use your imagination! Perhaps paint the canvas before starting the artwork. Try different punches and shapes … maybe hearts in the shape of a heart or stars to spell out a name!

As published in Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2016


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