Craft: Galaxy pendulum painting


Youโ€™ll need:

  • Low hanging tree branch, swing set or tripod
  • String
  • Large plastic cups
  • Hole punch
  • Paint
  • Large canvas

How to do it:

1 Set up a painting station outside. We affixed our pendulum string to the top/ middle of our swing set. (With plenty of space on all sides.) Things can get messy, so use an old tablecloth, newspaper, garbage bags or anything you can throw away to cover the ground.

2 Create a paint drip cup by punching three equally spaced holes in the open end of the cup and thread string through them and up to affix to the original pendulum string. Be sure the cup hangs evenly. Eight to ten centimetres above the canvas is ideal.

3 Make a hole in the bottom centre of the cup with a skewer or pencil.ย  (Ask an adult for help!) Make several paint drip cups, one for each colour you would like to use.

4 Set aside some extra cups without a hole where you can thin and mix paints. The paint should drizzle out in a continuous stream (thinner paint) for solid lines and drip out (thicker paint) for dotted lines.

5 Use a finger to plug the hole in the bottom of the cup in the pendulum. Pour in mixed paint.

6 When you are ready, remove your finger and swing the pendulum over the canvas. Swap out paint drip cups with different colours as often as you wish or pour new paint into old cup for colour transitions mid-swing!

7 Your art is out of this world!

Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2021


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