Crayon shavng suncatchers


Youโ€™ll Need:

  • Crayons
  • Hand grater or pencil sharpener
  • Baking paper
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Old newspapers

How to do it:

1. Make some crayon shaving piles on a plate by peeling back the paper and grating or sharpening. (Be careful! Graters and my knuckles do not get along. Or so it seems.)

2. Cut the baking paper into the size and shape you want.

3. Place one piece of the cut wax paper onto an old piece of newspaper and sprinkle some shavings on top of it. Then place a second piece of wax paper on top.

4. Turn your iron onto a low setting without steam. Place your wax paper and crayon shaving stack on top of an old newspaper. (This will stop the melted crayon from seeping out from the sides of the wax paper and ruining your table!)

5. Place another sheet of newspaper or scrap paper on top of your wax paper and crayon shaving layers. (This will stop the iron from getting melted crayon on it.)

6. Slowly iron the paper. Keep checking every few seconds to see if your crayon shavings have completely melted. Once they have, set your project aside to cool and dry.

7. Once dry, you can trim or gently snap any seeped out crayon from your shape. We tried a heart, moon, star and some Christmas baubles.

8. You can also create a frame from construction paper and glue the sun catcher inside.

9. Let the sun shine!


*We also tried peeling the wax paper off and just using the melted crayon sheets โ€“ which was pretty, but not as easy! The crayon layer is fragile!

Peninsula Kids – Summer 2020/21


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