Craft: Pantry Fun


Looking for something different to entertain the kids – have a look at what’s in the pantry for these fun craft ideas!



You’ll need:

  • A variety of dried pantry items (we used lentils, split peas, coffee beans and rice – but you could add any beans or pasta)
  • PVC glue
  • Thick paper or a piece of paper glued onto a piece of cardboard
  • Pencil to draw the outline of your picture… (or print out a colouring-in page)

What to do:

  • Draw an outline of a picture onto your page.
  • Paint glue onto a small section at a time and fill in with pantry items
  • some areas required placing one dried piece at a time while others we were able to scoop on a large amount, spread around and shake off the excess.


As published in Peninsula Kids Magazine – Spring 2015


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