Craft: Printed Hand Flower Poster | Handmade Mother’s Day Gift



  • 2 A4 piece of paper
  • 1 A3 or larger piece of paper in a different colour
  • 1 smaller piece of decorative paper (size is dependent on what size you want your vase to be)
  • Pencil
  • Glue – craft glue and a glue stick
  • Paint – at least two different colours
  • Paint brush
  • Green marker
  • Ribbon



  1. Fold your decorative piece of paper in half and draw a half vase shape along the folded edge.
  2. Cut out and unfold.7
  3. Glue one of the A4 pieces of paper slightly lower than the middle of the A3 piece of paper using glue stick. Glue vase shape on top of this.8
  4. Depending on the age of the child allow them to use the paintbrush to paint their hand in whatever colour they want to use first or you can paint their hand for them. Tip-ask them to show you strong hands or star shapes while applying paint so that they stretch their hands out nicely for the print this also helps in the next step.9
  5. Guiding the child’s hand by holding their wrist press firmly onto the paper above the vase shape. Tip – Children will sometimes tend to put their fingers together when printing, just continue to ask them to show you strong hands or star shapes and demonstrate what you would like them to do before you do it. Perhaps even practice before you have paint on their hands and then on a scrap piece of paper with paint especially if your child is younger.
  6. Repeat step 7 until you have at least three ‘flowers’.10
  7. Allow to dry completely.
  8. Once dry draw the stems and leaves onto the flowers.11
  9. Add the ribbon using the pva glue and allow to dry.
  10. Add the ribbon using the pva glue and allow to dryHand writing or using your computer to print onto the other piece of A4 paper complete add this lovely poem onto the poster wherever you think it looks most effective:


This is to remind you

When I grow so tall

That once I was quite little

And my hands were very small

Happy Mother’s Day


2 sisters art anarchy

Thanks to Melissa from 2 Sisters Art Anarchy for sharing these great handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas. To read about the wonderful children’s craft parties that 2 Sisters Art Anarchy run, visit their website at





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