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By Melissa McCullough

It’s school holidays and our camping trip has been cancelled; time to think of some crafty activities for the kiddos at home, or better yet why not send them off to glitter-bomb elsewhere!

Robyn’s Room, in Mornington, offers a range of options from open-ended, underlying themed classes like ‘At the Beach’ ‘What’s in Your Garden’ and ‘Ready, Set Go!’, to non-themed creative sessions. At Robyn’s Room, the primary focus is always on the creative process and not the finished product. Kids are spoiled for choice!

I booked my 11-year-old daughter, Kennedy, and her friend, Pearl, into the ‘Zombie and Ogres’ (because, why not?), session at Robyn’s Room by clicking the ‘Let’s Eat Brains!’ button on the website and easily used the online system to secure the girls’ spots.

Upon arriving for the session, we were met with a crafter’s paradise; each room abounding with colour, character, and cheer.  Walls emblazoned with flocks of butterflies, giant paintbrushes making their mark and words of inspiration all added to this feast for the senses.

After popping on a smock, Kennedy and Pearl settled into an art table and listened to Robyn’s description of each of the activities available for the session; the kids, though, are free to choose going their own road as well.  I hung around the girls like a lost puppy, but soon realised, (don’t you give me that look, young lady!), that I wasn’t needed.  The girls were in excellent hands with Robyn and were ready for action!

Though Kennedy doesn’t fancy herself as the best artist, (that’s crazy talk! Her painting of an apple tree that she made in kindy still hangs in prime position in our family room!), she still enjoys getting in there and using her imagination. She said, “Being able to do art and be creative is fun but being free to let your mind wander and get those creative juices flowing is even better.”  In the relaxed, social and stimulating setting at Robyn’s Room, kids are invited to freely explore a variety of craft activities.

Kennedy went on to say that she’d recently read a quote about creating online that resonated with her. She said, “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes and art is knowing which ones to keep”. This was all provided on a silver platter at Robyn’s Room.

There were so many fun activities that YOU can choose like painting a zombie, making clay model ogres, and crafting a creepy eyeball keychain from a ping-pong ball. Pearl’s favourite? Making brains.
She says, “Making the brains was my favourite activity because you could do any colour. It was so fun to make the brains!”

Robyn’s Room steps beyond the traditional kid’s art classes; it throws caution to the wind and helps kids find their true creative inner selves. When the usual expectations and pressures are removed, children discover and value their own creative worth, build self – esteem and confidence….and have a heap of fun along the way!

I picked the girls and their armfuls of zombie and ogre creations up at the end of their two-hour class and they told me of all their fun.
They even got to leave their permanent mark on one of Robyn’s art tables. Kennedy and Pearl both came away wanting more.
“This was a very fun experience, and I would  love to go again!”, said Kennedy. “Robyn was so nice, and she let us do anything with the materials. I would 100% go back to do more art classes!”, said Pearl.

School term program anyone? There are tons to choose from in all age ranges. Check out the website for more details.

Factory 7/33 Milgate Drive, Mornington
p. 0404 848 226

Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2021


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