Somers Playgrounds


2013-06-07_0003There are four playgrounds to be found in Somers. Our favourite is located at R.W. Stone Reserve, Camp Hill Road. It has two separate parts to allow for both little kids and big kids to play freely. Perfect if you have different ages that you need to cater for.

The smaller, brighter equipment has a small fort, wave slide, wobble bridge, shop front, abacus, springer and swings. The older area features a great deal of climbing with a higher fort and slide, fireman’s poles, monkey bars, balance beam, chain transverse, poles with discs and older swings.

There is also the skate ramp and toilets in the general area.

Our Favourite Feature – a large black donut structure that spins around.

2013-06-07_0004You can find more playgrounds in Somers at these locations:

  • Clifton Court Reserve, Tower Hill Road
  • Kennedy Road Reserve, Kennedy Road
  • Nisson Court Reserve, Nisson Court


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