Tips for Eating Out with Kids with Food Allergies


The following post is courtesy of Star Allergy Alerts, creators of a bright, fun range of kids food allergy and medical awareness products that your kids will love to wear!

Food allergies can take some of the spontaneity and fun out of eating out, but with a little bit of preparation you can still enjoy a night out of the kitchen 100% guilt free.

We have put together a few tips for Eating Out with kids with food allergies:

1Whenever possible, check out a restaurant’s menu before you go out. Many restaurants now put their menu online, making it easier for parents to quickly identify which offer allergy friendly meals.   That way you can also discuss options with your child and save time arguing what they can or can’t have.

2Call the restaurant ahead of time. Managers and chefs usually encourage customers to contact the restaurant before they come in to see if they’ll be able to accommodate their needs, especially if your child has multiple food allergies that might make food preparation difficult.

3Try to dine out early.  When the staff aren’t busy they’ll have a much easier time checking ingredient lists and preparing special dishes without leaving you sitting for hours waiting for a lull in the dinner traffic.

4Talk to your waiter about your child’s food allergies as soon as you arrive, as your waiter is your last line of defence before your food hits the table… knowing about your child’s allergy lets them make a last check of the meal for any potential hazards before you eat.

5Avoid menu items with multiple ingredients. Soups, stews, marinades, breaded meats and sauces come with a plethora of ingredients, making them a ticking time bomb for children with food allergies.

6Becoming a repeat customer at your favourite restaurant is a great way to make sure your food comes prepared just the way you need it. After a couple of visits the servers and kitchen staff get to know you, and while you still want to remind them about your child’s food allergies repeat customers are well known, well loved and well taken care of by restaurant staff.

7Now even McDonalds are making things a little easier for parents of food allergic kids… So before you visit for a meal or birthday party, you can visit their website and read all ingredients and nutritional information regarding everything on their menu!

Even after taking all of these steps make sure you never, ever travel or eat out without your child’s allergy medication. Mistakes do happen even at the most conscientious restaurant, and the last thing you want is to be caught unprepared.


Star Allergy Alerts hopes to make the lives of parents and carers a little easier, by providing a range of products to raise allergy awareness for the safety of those we love. Our products are meant to serve as a reminder to others when you are not around.

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