Craft: Bostik Rocketship



How to:

Step 1

Print the template and find a clean surface to work on. Make sure you have everything you need.

Step 2

Cut a piece of coloured paper to the same height as the roll. Make sure it is long enough to wrap around the roll and overlap a little at the end. Use the Blu Stik and glue it to the roll.
Ask a parent to cut four 2cm long slits (using the craft knife) at one end on the roll. The slits should be spaced evenly around the edge.

Step 3

Blu-Tack the cone template to a piece of coloured paper. Cut around the template. Once cut out, remove the template and Blu-Tack.
Do the same with the fins. Trace a 20 cent piece 3 times on some coloured card to create the windows. Cut out.
TIP: On the template the dashed lines are fold lines and the solid lines are to be cut out.


Step 4

Align the slits on each fit and fit together. Then insert the fins into the slits at the bottom of the roll.
Glue on the 3 windows with the Blu Stik.
Apply Glu Tape to the tab on the cone, roll and attach to form a cone.
Then put Clag Kids PVA Glue along the top edge of the roll and place the cone on top. Leave to dry.

Step 5

Decorate with Glitter Glue, then it’s… 3… 2… 1…. BLAST OFF!

Quality time with Dad*

  • Studies show that fathers who spend plenty of quality bonding time with children positively effects early child development.
  • Kids are encouraged to lead the way with dad’s help through fun and interactive projects such as the Bostik’s Volcano and Rocketship.
  • Bostik’s Father’s Day craft projects makes for unique and sentimental presents for dads, uncles and granddads.
  • Kids can show dad that he’s their hero with Bostik’s Super Hero craft project.
    *Science Daily, How Fathers and Children should spend time together, June 2019.



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