Superhero Party


Ideas for Superhero party

  • BYO extra large mens t-shirt to make a cape from.  Adults do the cutting and kids decorate.
  • Print out mask templates and let kids design their own with glitter, texta, stickers…
  • Create fake newspaper invites with a picture of your child and the heading “Extra, extra, [child’s name] turns [age]! The article can detail a little about the party and the date, time, and RSVP information.
  • Buy streamers in colours associated with your child’s favourite superhero – for example, use red, yellow and blue streamers for Superman, or black and yellow streamers for Batman. Twist the streamers together and hang them throughout the party area.
  • Use laminated comic books or pages from comic books as place mats at the party table.
  • Cut sandwiches into bat shapes or diamonds.
  • Let the children use their super powers to change the colour of their drinks! Before the party, freeze coloured juice in ice cube trays. Serve lemonade or sparkling water and let your guests pick their own coloured ice cubes. As the children drop ice cubes into their drinks, the drinks will change colour!

Make Super Jelly!
 for a party treat!

Credits and Links: 

Styling, props, toys and party hire – Tiny Tots Toy Hire –

Photography – Eclektic Photography + Design

Dessert table styling & Party ware – The Party Studio

Macarons – Her Macarons –

Superhero capes, masks, kit bags and bibs – Bee Stitched

Superhero cake and cupcakes – Cupcake Party –

All cookies – Design My Cupcake – Facebook

Cake pops, push pops and bomb cake bites – Theme My Party –

Superhero entertainers – Superhero Inc –

Lollipop hair tie favours and photo props – Charli Mae

Confectionary – The Professors Lolly Shop –

 French dessert (Choux à la crème) – Fleur De Sel –

As published in Peninsula Kids – Summer 2014/15


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